Map of places in Ántissa
Λόφοι στα Αδελφόνια/Aðelfonʝa area hills near Lapsarna
Λόφοι στα Αδελφόνια/Aðelfonʝa area h...
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- Antissa () was a city of the island Lesbos (Lesvos), near to Cape Sigrium, the western point of Lesbos. The place had a harbour. The ruins found by Richard Pococke at Calas Limneonas, a little NE. of cape Sigri, may be those of Antissa. This place was the birthplace of Terpander, who is said to be the inventor of the seven-stringed lyre. According to the local historian Myrsilus of Methymna, local…
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