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Lake Wakatipu


Lake Wakatipu

- Lake Wakatipu is an inland lake (finger lake) in t…
Lake Wakatipu SunsetLake Wakatipu SunsetLake Wakatipu SunsetIMG_20170410_172019Trying to capture Lake Wakatipu at sunsetQueenstown: Lake WakatipuQueenstown Gardens_2018 10 31_3964Queenstown Gardens_2018 10 31_3963Lake WakatipuLake WakatipuLake Wakatipu and mountains 1Art on Queenstown Hill 4Art on Queenstown Hill 3Art on Queenstown Hill 2Queenstown Hill view 2Queenstown Gardens_2018 10 31_3649Queenstown Gardens_2018 10 31_3956Queenstown Gardens_2018 10 31_3957Queenstown Gardens_2018 10 31_3958Queenstown Gardens_2018 10 31_3959Queenstown Gardens_2018 10 31_3652Queenstown Gardens_2018 10 31_3960Queenstown Gardens_2018 10 31_3962Queenstown Gardens_2018 10 31_3630
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