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Kondaveedu Fort Guntur Andhra Pradesh

Kondaveedu Fort Guntur Andhra Pradesh

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Gampalagudem is a village and Mandal in Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh, India. It has a population of 68,112 people. The main city Gampalagudem has several educational institutions including a junior college and a ZPH Highschool. This town has Three cinema theatres. It has a twin village, Thotamula, almost connected to it. Nearby cities are Madhira, Thiruvuru and Vijayawada.

Nearby pilgrimages and Landscapes

Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Temple:

Famous Sai Nath Temple in Thiruvuru Road.

Construction of the temple was started around in 1997. The present temple is the new one constructed 10 years back. The ceremony of Temple opening and VIGRAHA PRATHISTA was a grand event. People from near by villages use to come to the temple for different vaccations.

The temple also contains sub temples for Lord Ganesha, Lord Dhatthatreya, and Lord Hanuma. All the idols of gods (Sai, Ganesha, Dhatthatreya) are of marble and Hanuman Idol is a giant cement one with colors. It is a pleasant and beautiful place and one can go there for any special vacations like marriages and others.

Ramalayam and others:

In Gampalagudem there were old temples for Lord Rama and Lord Shiva. These are located in the western part of the village and are constructed side by side. These are very old temples with remarkable history, situated near by a pond. Great celebrations goes here every year in the eve of Sri Rama Navami. People used to come here(Lord Shiva Temple) every year at Nagula Chavithi and they offer milk and other food for the god of Snakes(NagaRaja).

Not only these two, one more temple for Muthyalamma (Grama Dhevatha) is also situated near by these two.

RCM Church :

Its focus is to share the gospel with the world through a non-denominational cutting-edge message mixed with a flavor of honesty, help, and humor for the hungry soul. It gives a free boarding facility to the school boys in the name of Sacred Heart. The Catholic Church has assumed a pastoral responsibility to promote the human dignity of persons exploited through trafficking and slavery and to advocate for their liberation and economic, educational, and formative support. It situated in the way of Vijayawada.

Famous Lord Hanuman temple is located in Meduru which is very near to Gampalagudem.

An Ancestral Temple of Lord Rama is located in Gampalagudem


Sri Venu Gopala Swami is a famous God worshiped at Nemali Which is approximately 30 km to Gampalagudem. Direct APSRTC bus service is available to reach there.


This mandal is also known for its hill beauty in the east. The area between Chimalapadu and Gampalagudem is covered with these hills for about 60 km2. It is a popular trekking destination.

Katteleru is a leisure place for the youth and the elders. Its the coolest place in Gampalagudem.

Education in Gampalagudem

This is one of the biggest mandals in Krishna district having the diameter of 30sq km providing education for many students with a number of schools and two colleges, both private and government, are providing almost up to Graduation:

  • ZPH school,
  • San Jose High School (a Christian missionary school),
  • Little Angels Public school,
  • Vignan Vidyalayam,
  • Geethanjali Concept School,
  • Saraswathi School,

A new school named Model school with CBSE syllabus is also going to start in this year (2012).

This mandal has a Government Jr college and a private Jr college named Visishta, a degree college is also running under this educational society.

Villages in Gampalagudem Mandal

The following is the list of villages in this Mandal.

  • Anumollanka
  • Ammireddygudem
  • Chinakomera
  • Arlapadu
  • Challagundlavaripalem
  • Chennavaram
  • Dundiralapadu
  • Gosaveedu
  • Gullapudi
  • Kanumuru
  • Konijerla
  • Kothapalle
  • Lingala
  • Meduru
  • Narikampadu
  • Nemali
  • Pedakomera
  • Penugolanu
  • Rajavaram
  • Satyalapadu
  • Tunikipadu
  • Ummadidevarapalle
  • Vutukuru
  • Vinagadapa
  • gangadevipadu
  • Gadevarigudem


Text taken from Wikipedia - Gampalagudem under the CC-BY-SA-3.0 on December 23, 2013

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